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Anji Mei Cooper
Alias Zheng Mei Hua 
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Update 3/2002:

Height: 71.5cm (=28.3 in.)
Weight: 9.2kg (=20.2 lbs.)
2 teeth

Health Report as of 11/2001:

Date of Birth: April 22, 2001
Height: 64 cm (=25.2 in.)
Weight: 8.1 kg (=17.8 lbs.)
All vitals in good working order
No teeth

She has been described as active, restless, extroverted, and sometimes impatient.

Her birth date makes her a Metal Snake, also known by the Chinese as a Golden Snake, or a White Snake, in the Chinese fortune calendar (like the Zodiac, only more complicated: more details here).

What we know about her history:

Anji made her way to the Guigang Mother's Love Orphanage in Guangxi Province on 10/10/2001. Her birthday is most likely an estimate.